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Halo Duvet


The only duvet you’ll ever need

Just like the warmth and comfort the morning sunlight brings, our Halo Duvet is designed to surround you with comfort all year round. Wake up anew every day with our Halo Duvet!


Halo Duvet


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For a comfortable sleep

It’s really 3 duvets in 1

1. There’s a thin layer for the warmer months
2. A thick layer for cooler months
3. If you feel the cold in the winter, you can join the two layers together using our neat and stylish loop-and-tie system.

Inside the duvet

Top quality fibre

The Halo Duvet is filled with special Hollofill® air-trapping fibre. It is fluffy and light, and ensures you stay warm throughout the night.

Allergens like mould, bacteria and fungi build up in your bedding over time. This can irritate your airways and skin, disturbing your sleep even if you don’t suffer from allergies or asthma.

With special anti-allergy Allerban® treatment, our fibre prevents mould, bacteria and fungi from growing so your airways won’t be irritated. That makes The Halo fully safe and hypoallergenic.

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