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Tip-top Topper


If you’re not ready to replace your mattress but want to make your bed more comfortable, the Tip-Top topper is for you. It is also a great option for students, or for people who travel a lot and want to take their home sleeping experience with them.


Tip-top Topper


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Inside the topper

Our wonderfoam topper

It’s made of a layer of high-quality comfortable foam. It embraces every joint and curve.

Patented foam with graphene infusion disperses body heat and ensures you don’t overheat.

And outside

Our unique mosquito-repellent cover

A buzzing mosquito can ruin a night’s sleep and transmit diseases. To keep mosquitoes away, the cover for our topper is treated with Si Repel Mosquito – a non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly repellent that remains effective for more than 100 washes.

The active ingredient in Si Repel Mosquito is considered the safest and most effective repellent as recommended by the WHO. The effectiveness of the fabric treatment has been tested by the IHMT (Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of Lisbon, Portugal) and by NB Labs (India).

A topper in a box!

The Tip-Top Topper comes in a small box so it’s convenient and easy to handle. The topper is flattened, rolled up into a bundle, then it’s wrapped and sealed, and packed into a cardboard box. We’ll deliver it to your door – for free!

How to unbox the Tip-Top

Step 1

Unbox the topper and place it on top of the mattress you will use it on.

Step 2

Cut the plastic package very carefully without damaging the topper.

Step 3

Watch the topper gain its real size. Turn the topper so that the straps are facing the mattress.

Step 4

Pull the straps on each corner to attach the topper to your mattress to ensure it stays in place.

Note: the topper works on both sides, so it can be turned. Any odour is from the packaging and will fade away in the first few days.

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